Prove that TV ads work when it’s not always obvious.

Frustrations have been mounting the last few years over the fact that traditional broadcast media has been steadily losing market share to digital media channels. The promise of targeted marketing and tracking of customers just can’t be beat.

Digital channels are taking credit for all the work TV stations are doing in building brand and product awareness – only because TV cannot easily demonstrate measurable impressions to the advertisers.

It’s time to give the broadcast industry a fair fight, and the exact same advantages of digital with the ability to track, measure and report the effectiveness of the ads being aired.

See how one of the nation’s largest TV stations is reaping the rewards already.



Reliable Television Performance Measurement

With the increased usage of DVRs that give the option to skip ads, the accuracy of the TV performance data from Nielsen’s is increasingly being questioned by the advertisers. What if you can show clear proof that TV ads work and are directly impacting behavior online? Armed with data and information that demonstrates this proof, you can stop this trend to digital, retain your advertising customers and grow your TV ad revenues.


Take Credit for the ‘Halo Effect’

Television is most effective in increasing the brand awareness, which in turn widens the top of the funnel. Increasingly, television viewers are also simultaneously online via laptops, tablets or smartphones. Use SmartMPM to prove that TV advertisements are effective and stake claim to the increased customer activity in digital channels when TV ads are run. Credit yourself for this “halo” effect and prove it to your customers with SmartMPM.


Double as an Ad Agency

TV stations that also offer typical digital agency services such as email marketing, mobile marketing and banner ads are very successful in delivering them to a wide audience because of the popularity of the station. Produce intuitive, clean reports of all services online and on air for your advertisers through SmartMPM.


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Television is Here to Stay

Since SmartMPM is an integrated marketing dashboard, it brings data from both online and offline advertising channels. Armed with television performance data at your fingertips, you’ll retain your advertisers by guiding them towards data-driven decisions and assessing the overall marketing mix.



Data Gathering and Report Compiling are History

When you depend on SmartMPM to monitor your campaigns, you’re also generating near real-time results that are ready to share at a moment’s notice. With over 100 elegant reports, there’s really no need for another source or manual creation. Your team’s time should be spent focusing on what the analytics are telling them, not the data gathering.


* Near real-time data is about a 30 to 45 minute lag time.