Measure & Optimize Your Integrated Marketing, Simply

Measuring the ROI of all the aspects of your campaign – online and offline – in near real-time, is within reach. When you can adjust and perfect your organization’s campaigns while they’re live, you can reduce wasted marketing spend and make significant data-driven decisions before it’s too late.

SmartMPM combined with a free Google Analytics account is a cost-saving powerhouse compared to Google Analytics Premium. 
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Get a 360° View of Your Marketing Efforts

All your reports are in one place. There’s no need to log into the individual services – this information is brought into SmartMPM and compared side-by-side to identify actionable opportunities and reduce waste through better visibility. And you can do it all with minimal IT support, a fast setup and simple integration into existing systems.


Promote Integrated Marketing Communications

Encourage consistent brand messaging across all marketing channels by establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that let you compare apples to oranges (e.g. Twitter to print ads). SmartMPM reinforces the practice of an integrated strategy.


Data Overload into Data Simplified

SmartMPM eliminates the most obnoxious problems that becoming a data-driven organization creates – the time constraint of data gathering and the need for near real-time* reports, available on demand. The metrics are pulled directly from the sources, assuring the accuracy of the information coming into SmartMPM.


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Demonstrate the Return on Marketing Investments to Justify the Spend

What was the cost of maintaining this particular channel? Was it worth its weight in sales? You’ll never know for sure if you don’t compare it to the entirety of the campaign and test the sales funnel regularly. View the campaign ROI or just the channel ROI, and make adjustments to find the optimal sales and spend balance.


Deliver Accurate Reports to the C-Suite

You’ll never be more proud to deliver your reports to management. Download, print or share near real-time reports on demand for timely decisions.

When you access SmartMPM, you don’t get lost within the administration and management of each service – so you can give management access and all they’ll see are the reporting dashboards they need.


Avoid Tunnel Vision with Your Team

Campaign level reports with a comprehensive view of all marketing efforts will encourage the teams working on specific areas (such as social media, SEO, PPC, display ads or offline) to channel their efforts towards the overall campaign goal.




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* Near real-time data is about a 30 to 45 minutes lag time.