Let your work speak for itself.

Deliver clear, dynamic and transparent campaign measurement and ROI reporting to your clients with SmartMPM – illustrating the campaign’s value.

SmartMPM is also a great ally when you need to make your proposals stand out. Elevate your work with the two-pronged approach of measuring integrated campaigns and reducing your team’s time spent on report generation.

SmartMPM was built with agencies in mind – whether your focus is digital, PR, advertising, or full service. The option to white-label the SaaS and offer it to your clients as a valuable service makes this a no risk solution.

Agency purchase and usage options are explained here.



Transparency Means Trust

Clients always ask for the data, so take the reporting reins. Come out of the gate with a proactive approach to client access of near real-time reports and dashboards, cutting down on the need to customize a report to every client’s liking. Building trust through transparency will establish and maintain a great relationship.



Promote an Integrated Marketing Strategy

Quickly set up and manage Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that let you compare apples to oranges (e.g. Twitter to print ads). From specialists firms to full service agencies, monitoring and measuring consistent brand positioning can be a very effective strategy for client project growth.


Increased Clients or Campaigns? No sweat.

SmartMPM can be easily configured to your client’s reporting and analytics needs within few hours. When you’re ready to track more campaigns or add multiple clients, you can quickly scale up. No multiple logins – jump from one client’s dashboard to another in seconds.


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Successful Campaign Execution = Business Growth

Prove yourself through data-driven results that not only show overall revenue growth, but specifically how this ROI was optimized to the fullest extent.

“What combination of tactics at this tempo garnered the fastest closed deals?” “Did we find the optimal purchase path for consumers, and did we allocate our budget to take advantage?” If you can answer such granular analytical questions, you’re now poised to be the preferred partner to execute the next campaign.



Data Gathering and Report Compiling are History

When you depend on SmartMPM to monitor your campaigns, you’re also generating near real-time results that are ready to share at a moment’s notice. With over 100 elegant reports, there’s really no need for another source or manual creation. Your team’s time should be spent focusing on what the analytics are telling them, not the data gathering.


Looking to use SmartMPM in-house for your own brand? That can be arranged.

* Near real-time data is about a 30 to 45 minute lag time.