Turn Insights into Actions

SmartMPM (marketing performance measurement) is a robust platform that gives marketers the ability to track, measure, analyze and optimize their multi-channel marketing campaigns.

The dashboards provide insight into the performance of marketing initiatives, empowering organizations to make informed decisions to ensure campaign success.

  • Track, measure and analyze the campaign to achieve optimum performance from your marketing investments.
  • Simple configuration and seamless integration with vendors across multiple channels means spending less time managing the tool to focus on actual marketing.
  • Dashboard-style reports and visualizations answer marketing-oriented questions.
  • View highly granular dashboards of the customer behavior down to the individual ad without losing the bird’s eye view of the campaign metrics across all the channels.
  • Get the 360 view of your marketing ROI from the financial perspective with SmartMPM’s integration of marketing budget, spend, and revenue data.