The 6 Common Marketing Ailments You Can Cure

Do these complaints sound familiar? If so, please seek SmartMPM care immediately!


We are unable to demonstrate the marketing return on investment.

Marketers today are under pressure to justify the marketing investments to the CFO and accountable to prove marketing return on investment to the CEO. Only by demonstrating their impact on sales funnel and revenue pipeline will marketing be considered as a profit center.

THE CURE: SmartMPM’s intuitive dashboard style reports cross the spectrum of marketing channels, powerful enough to be presented to the C-Suite executives, provide a transparent and accurate view of the marketing return on investments.

We struggle to unify large volumes of fragmented data from online marketing vendors.

Today’s marketers are inundated with the new technologies, proliferation of channels and large volume of customer interaction data to fully exploit the promise of digital marketing.

THE CURE: SmartMPM can help you by handling the time consuming and error prone tasks of collecting, formatting, integrating and ensuring the accuracy of marketing data from multiple vendors, so you can make data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns on the fly.

We have a minimal understanding of true channel impact on customer interactions.

Understanding the full sales cycle by incorporating data from advertising events that happen further up the funnel, which play an important role in influencing the customer in leading to the final sale is crucial to arriving at the true contribution value of each channel in the campaign.

THE CURE: SmartMPM’s advanced attribution which uses accurate customer data from every point of contact enables you to make sound business decisions.

We are unable to analyze traditional media efforts as part of the integrated campaign.

Even with the increasing share of digital media, traditional media is being used by majority of business in communicating a comprehensive story to a wide reach audience affecting the top of the funnel. The online marketing is being layered to convey the same story to a targeted audience. It is crucial to integrate the traditional media marketing data with the online marketing data for a comprehensive view of the campaign.

THE CURE: SmartMPM’s traditional performance report establishes the correlation of your television and radio ad campaigns to traffic patterns and activity on your digital channels.

We lack a comprehensive view of the integrated campaign performance.

Consumers are increasingly interacting with businesses across multiple channels and businesses are being forced to strategize, design, execute and study the integrated campaigns to succeed.

THE CURE: Equipped with valuable insights from SmartMPM dashboards with measurable KPIs, you can easily identify opportunities to optimize marketing efforts within and among channels ensuring better results.

We have no way to see the overall brand performance across multiple campaigns.

Mid to large businesses run multiple campaigns simultaneously, focusing on different geographic markets or different divisions in the company. Businesses don’t have an easy way to look at the overall brand performance across multiple campaigns.

THE CURE: SmartMPM’s brand summary reports enable marketers to aggregate data from multiple campaigns to get a comprehensive understanding of brand marketing performance.