Measuring Marketing Campaigns without Blowing Your Budget

SmartMPM lets you measure more for just a fraction of the cost of other leading performance measurement tools. Several engagement models are available to best fit your needs:

For Agencies

A SmartMPM is a no risk solution, since marketing agencies and PR firms can offer the SmartMPM solution as a white label service to clients. This way, agencies can access individual client campaign data for all of their clients through one account. The unit price of the service declines based on how many of an agency’s clients utilize the service.
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Alternatively, agencies can refer clients to SmartMPM. We’ll then do the sale and installation and work with the client to give the agency access to the data.
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For Brands

B SmartMPM is ideal for organizations or companies that would like to optimize their product and service campaigns.
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Get started for free! SmartMPM Lite is a free plan for one campaign. Sign up now and start measuring your campaign today.

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For Television Broadcast Companies

TLeverage the traditional performance reports of SmartMPM to retain your customers by demonstrating TV’s real impact on the marketing funnel. SmartMPM offers a special pricing structure for TV companies making it a must-have tool in your solution kit to reap the rewards of sustained TV ad revenue.
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Google Analytics Premium vs. SmartMPM

To get to this level of reporting on integrated marketing campaigns, most organizations believe the best answer is Google Analytics Premium.

Yet SmartMPM combined with a free Google Analytics account delivers far more detail for far less of a price.

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