Your Most Valuable Metrics, Front and Center.

Integrated marketing campaigns are inherently challenging. Successful campaigns are made from diligent managing and measuring of KPIs. And successful marketing teams are made from mindful reporting.

Intuitive and comprehensive reports from SmartMPM let you share your campaign insights on up the chain. Clearly illustrate your work without wasting time digging up data, and show that you can identify actionable insights that were previously hidden in the fragmented data. Make data-driven decisions your whole organization or agency can feel good about.

How it Works

SmartMPM includes a set of elegant reports to select the ones that are best suited for the campaign at hand. They can be further customized to showcase campaign highlights.

Data collected for these reports is simplified through SmartMPM’s connectivity to popular providers and channels. Now all your marketing data is in one place, available to compare side-by-side or to be reviewed independently. For example, you could drill down to a specific email to compare the performance of various campaign elements.

What does this effective visualization and ability to slice-and-dice mean for you? You can:

  • Optimize the marketing mix by adjusting the media spend.
  • Win support from your C-Suite executives with simple dashboards showcasing marketing results.
  • Reallocate budget to productive creatives and eliminate or reduce the low performers with timely intervention.
  • Understand the power of cross-messaging and adjust the sequence of messages to take advantage.
  • Configure it just once and get accurate reports throughout your campaign.
  • Experiment with new providers or messaging, – you can add and drop new tactics quickly.
  • Have the data available at your fingertips to analyze the offline conversions along with the online conversions

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Marketing Mix

Compare the performance of your channels and providers in your marketing mix. How do they stack up in terms of KPIs (key performance indicators), such as conversions and cost per conversion? Get a holistic view of your entire campaign in near real-time in a matter of minutes.


Marketing ROI

Understand how your bottom line is affected by the different channels in your campaign with insights from the marketing ROI dashboards. Identify and highlight key metrics with reports such as transactions mix, revenue mix, revenue trends and ROI stack charts. Realize the true campaign ROI by bringing profit margin into the calculations.


Traditional Performance

Become aware of the effects of broadcast media (such as television, radio and news print) on your online advertising, as well as the overall performance of your campaign with in-depth website traffic analysis. Allocate offline advertising budgets based on the response from your customers.


Attribution Report

Know your customer’s interactions with your brand on their journey to conversion with insights from the attribution reports. Recognize if a channel is playing the role of introducer, influencer or closer. Analyze the conversion paths, number of touch points and conversion lag time to make adjusts to your marketing mix and the messaging to increase the return on advertising spend.


Offline Conversions

Get in depth understanding of the effect of your advertising on offline conversions (such as coupon redemption and phone calls). Analyze the offline conversion metrics including trends – not only at the campaign level but at the individual tactic level by careful campaign planning and execution.


Brand Summary

Brand summary reports aggregate marketing performance data across multiple campaigns for a consolidated view of your brand marketing. Identify trends across campaigns in your brand to maximize the return on investments.


Individual Channel Reports

Take advantage of the useful insights at the channel level, based on the key metrics and trends. Analyze the performance of your advertisement or email with granular detail.