SmartMPM for free? Let your campaign shine with Lite.

SmartMPM for free? Let your campaign shine with Lite.

As SmartMPM has become more robust, it was time to build plans that would offer just what each marketer needed, without having to pay for reports that weren’t being used (yet). So in addition to two new paid plans, we introduce SmartMPM Lite – the free plan for life.

Yup, for life. In just a few minutes you too can be a SmartMPM user and analytical extraordinaire! Lite is perfect for your typical smaller campaigns. Integrate with web, search, Adwords, social media and email.

You’ll be able to see the previous 45 days worth of data, as opposed to the paid plans, which allow you to view data for the life of your campaign.

Even if Lite may not meet all you long term campaign analytics needs, give it a try and see what SmartMPM has to offer. You may just find a surprise that will make you cheer if you plan to upgrade. *wink* *wink*

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Or, view the Lite, Pro and Premium plan features →

mpmblog_lite2Lite is limited to one campaign and one user account. If you need a more robust measurement tool, consider one of our other new paid plans. Paid licenses are based on the number of active campaigns, and include multiple user accounts.

What was once just one SmartMPM ‘plan’ is now SmartMPM Pro and Premium. These plans include integrations, reports and features that have been a part of the solution for some time, plus many new additions.

Premium includes all the powerful features developed to date, including Attribution Modeling and Brand Summary reports, and both plans remain very powerful and akin to the likes of the SmartMPM you may already know. Get to know what each plan has to offer over here.

Have any questions? We’re always here to provide demos, custom quotes and more.


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