How quickly can you get up and running with SmartMPM? And how long does it take for the results data to show in SmartMPM?

You can be setup with SmartMPM within a couple of hours, provided you have the relevant access credentials to all the channels.

Once the setup is complete you can start seeing results in a matter of minutes. However, some communications channels have a lag period before you can access the metrics via their API or website. The metrics you see in SmartMPM reflect the real-time data updated by the provider. If the metrics are available on the provider's website, you'll be able to see them in SmartMPM also with a slight delay.

If you have multiple campaigns running, SmartMPM can measure them simultaneously.

How does SmartMPM get information from multiple channels and bring them together?

SmartMPM accesses the channel's published API to get all the metric data based on how you have configured the channel in SmartMPM. If a certain channel does not have a published API, the user can upload the metric data manually.

SmartMPM organizes the data from all the channels in your campaign and presents them to you via easy to understand reports.

Can I compare multiple campaigns?

Yes, you can compare multiple campaigns through the Brand Summary Reports. Marketing data from multiple campaigns are aggregated so you can not only compare the campaigns, but get a feel for the overall marketing performance. You can define more than one brand summary report if you want to group your campaigns by region or market.

What are typical campaigns?

Different organizations might define campaigns differently. Here are a few types that you may be familiar with that SmartMPM has helped measure:

  • Short campaigns - usually include an end date and most likely defined as event campaigns. These are best measured by goals such as number of transactions and actual revenue.
  • Ongoing campaigns - these don't have end dates and are more likely considered branding campaigns. These benefit the most from the ability to see the cost per conversion, by channel, in real-time. Brand campaigns are most successful when you can adjust the budget allocated to low performing channels and move more resources to channels producing the most closing sales. You can track the overall growth of the campaign through its lifespan and see measurable results from the start.
  • Multiple campaigns - you may have concurrent campaigns running, defined by their different goals. However, you should still be able to compare these campaigns. That's why SmartMPM includes the Brand Summary Report - letting you compare KPIs of multiple event or brand campaigns.

How can reports be exported from the platform?

All reports from SmartMPM can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Plans to also have reports downloadable to PDF are in the works for a future release.

How does SmartMPM compare to social marketing tools like Radian6?

SmartMPM is an integrated marketing campaign performance measurement tool. It covers digital channels (Web, Paid ads, eMail, Social, Mobile) as well as a variety of traditional channels (TV, Radio, Print).

Radian6 and other social media management tools are exclusively focused on social analytics and monitoring. SmartMPM enables marketers to integrate financial costs (production, media and people costs) into your campaign measurement. Radian6 does not.

SmartMPM can be used in conjunction with tools like Radian6 for measuring your integrated campaigns.

Is SmartMPM available on mobile devices?

SmartMPM is offered as a web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) with no download or install required.

Access SmartMPM through any browser on your Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Of course, due to the detail of many of the report graphs, SmartMPM is best viewed on tablet devices.

You can also access a demo of SmartMPM on any device via our Sandbox.

Can I monitor multiple campaigns at one time?

Most definitely. You can monitor multiple campaigns at the same time. The base monthly subscription includes tracking three active campaigns simultaneously. Additional campaigns may be added to the subscription at an additional cost. There is no set limit to the number of campaigns you can monitor.

What verticals or industries is SmartMPM uniquely valuable for and why?

While industries such as retail, consumer and education are the more obvious industries that can benefit from using SmartMPM, there aren't many industries that won't find SmartMPM to be a valuable tool.

Businesses ranging from small to midsized that want to track, measure, analyze and manage marketing performance to make the most of their marketing budgets will find the real-time metrics and other features of SmartMPM beneficial.

Be sure to read the featured customer stories to get a glimpse at how some B2B and B2C businesses are using SmartMPM.

What are examples of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that SmartMPM includes in analysis?

Upon setup, SmartMPM can measure typical goals such as: CPC (cost per conversion), number of transactions and revenue per conversion.

Who should use SmartMPM?

Agencies of all sorts are accountable for tracking the goals of their campaigns. While full service agencies are a perfect fit for SmartMPM as they can track all digital and traditional channels being executed in one holistic view, SmartMPM adds value to all agencies. Examples include: PR firms, digital agencies, full service web marketing firms, marketing and advertising agencies, inbound marketing and lead generation agencies and direct marketing companies. Learn more about what SmartMPM can do for agencies >

Companies, or brands, that execute their campaigns completely or partially in-house add SmartMPM for the benefit of their whole team, including if necessary any outside vendors. If there is a reporting structure in place that requires the marketing department to routinely report progress to management or CxOs, SmartMPM becomes invaluable - no matter the industry. As long as the organization is performing at least one campaign at a time that includes two or more channels, SmartMPM is going to aid in turning marketing from a cost center to a profit center. Learn more about what SmartMPM can do for brands >

See examples of agencies and brands using SmartMPM in our featured stories >

How does SmartMPM compare to Google Analytics (Free and Premium)?

SmartMPM uses the web analytics from the free version of Google Analytics, pulls in the marketing data from the various vendors (social, digital, email etc.,) and delivers the dashboard reports of your integrated marketing campaigns at a fraction of the cost of Google Analytics Premium.

Learn more about how SmartMPM and a free Google Analytics account compares with Google Analytics Premium >

I'm an agency, what are my options when purchasing and using SmartMPM?

You're in luck - there are a few ways agencies can use SmartMPM.

The first gives agencies the opportunity to white-label the software and provide SmartMPM as an added service to their clients. This way, agencies can have access to multiple client campaigns through one account, giving them the ability to quickly access each client's campaign data. For each new client added, agencies are offered a discounted rate on their monthly subscription. Learn more about specific agency pricing by contacting us.

Alternatively, agencies can encourage clients to sign up for their own subscription and give the agency access. Agencies that are interested in reselling SmartMPM directly to clients can contact us for further info.

What is the pricing structure?

SmartMPM lets you measure more for a lot less than other performance measurement tools. Learn more about pricing >

The typical out of the box price of SmartMPM usually does the trick for most new customers. Depending on whether you're an agency or brand, or if you execute a high volume of work simultaneously, you may need an additional level of services or support. We would need to know a little more about your campaigns to recommend the right level of service and provide you with price quote. Please contact us for more information on SmartMPM pricing >

Are the reports customizable?

Yes. Unlike some analytics tools in the market that let you build what you want which requires a significant amount of training and skill, we provide our users with a set of reports to choose from. Various data elements in the report are customizable but the look and feel of the report itself is not.

New reports are being added to this list all the time. We are open to requests from our clients to add new reports. Submit your ideas >

Who can have access to our account?

SmartMPM access is role-based and four different roles:

  • Agency Administrator has admin access to multiple client accounts and client campaigns to setup and configure accounts and campaigns in addition to viewing the dashboards.
  • Agency User has access to multiple client campaigns and reports but cannot make any changes to the campaigns.
  • Brand Administrator has admin access to multiple campaigns of the brand to setup and configure the campaigns in addition to viewing the campaign dashboards.
  • Brand User has read access to campaign dashboards belonging to the brand but cannot make any changes to the campaigns.

When is the next release and what will be included?

SmartMPM has a dedicated development team and customer support team that continuously work to improve the platform. We evaluate all feedback and perform updates on measurement capabilities, reporting, user interface, speed and reliability and more. You can track ideas and feedback and provide your own here >

With our most recent release in September 2013, offline conversions - such as call center actions and in-store coupon redemption - can be tracked and monitored in the campaigns along with the online conversions.

Product Roadmap

The update and features and their expected release dates are not a guarantee. If you have a particular interest in a future release item, please contact us for more specific information.

  • Doubleclick for Publishers – November 2013
  • Export to PDF – January 2013
  • CRM Integration into and Microsoft Dynamics - Spring 2014

Is there a demo of SmartMPM?

Glad you asked! Yes, there is a demo, called the Sandbox, that lets you play with a full-fledged integrated marketing campaign in action. This fictitious campaign has enough data to let you see how the reports and actionable insights would be illustrated.

Visit the Sandbox on any browser here.
You can also grab the demo on Google Play for your Android devices, or on the Chrome Web Store.