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SmartMPM™ is cost-effective marketing intelligence for real-time performance analysis of integrated campaigns.


Essential Insights for Multi-Channel Campaigns.

Integrated marketing communications naturally involve vast amounts of disparate data – followers over here, clicks over there. How do you unify data to understand what’s working best?

SmartMPM combines measurement and reporting with a price that’s right for small to mid-sized agencies, brands and TV stations.

How are your marketing channels measuring up?

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SmartMPM translates data into an easy-to-use format. It’s a centralized view of all your channels, both traditional and digital. Quickly compare campaign tactics based on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as goal conversions and cost per conversion.


What good is great measurement if you can’t show it off? Elegant and clearly-stated dashboards make it easy to identify the most important metrics for you and your management team. Show off reports that reflect your performance according to your brand strategy.



SmartMPM lets you measure more less. Several plans are available to best fit the needs of marketing agencies and brands alike.

Agencies and firms can take advantage of referral, reseller and white-label options.


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