How Does SmartMPM Measure Up?

SmartMPM users – brands and agencies alike – are depending on the SaaS tool to provide reliable, real-time campaign results to make data-driven decisions to maximize the return on all their efforts.


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An Educated Answer to
a University's Growth

Two years ago, the chancellor and the board of regents of a large 40,000+ student community college made a strategic decision to transform the college into a data-driven organization.  The college was to stay true to this decision while working towards three primary goals:

  • Become the community college of choice in the metro area of operation
  • Increase the enrollment by 30% in 3 years
  • Deliver quality education by employing technology where applicable
The Problem

The college had to make this transformation to become a data-driven organization in every department including the marketing department. The marketing department’s primary challenges were:

  • Attract talented students
  • Increase the brand value of the college
  • Transform into a data-driven marketing organization with the limited resources
The Solution

The marketing department selected a new digital agency through an RFP process that required the agency to deliver data and analytics to enable the data-driven decisions. The agency partnered with SmartMPM to deliver real-time campaign performance measurement and analytics as an integrated service offering to the college.  In order to increase enrollment and attract talent, the agency selected creative ways to reach the target audience that ranged from SEO to banner ads, from viral email marketing to Facebook Ads, from social media to direct mail.

The agency depended on insights from SmartMPM to understand how the campaigns are performing in real-time and make adjustments as the campaign progressed. The agency presented the college with reports from SmartMPM on a monthly basis to demonstrate the college’s increased reach and registration.

On several occasions, the insights from SmartMPM enabled the marketing to divert marketing dollars away from low performing tactics or adjust target audiences after a quick trial, saving precious education dollars and increasing the college’s marketing ROI.

Focusing Energy
on What Matters

A growing mid-sized retail energy company, operating in several markets in the US implemented a marketing strategy with three primary goals.

1. Increase customer reach via traditional and digital media
2. Measure marketing performance in multi-channel campaigns
3. Optimize campaign performance to meet customer acquisition goals

The Problem

During the implementation of the strategy, the marketing team faced challenges that include:

  • Overwhelming amounts of data
  • Disjointed analytics from various providers
  • Manual data aggregation is error-prone and time-consuming
  • Inability to make timely adjustments to the campaign
  • Inability to get an overview of the effectiveness of marketing efforts across all markets
The Solution

Smartbridge’s SmartMPM team evaluated the marketing campaign design and worked closely with the client team to improve the campaign structure. Smartbridge implemented SmartMPM as the marketing performance measurement tool by following four simple steps – evaluate the campaign, recommend changes to enable effective tracking, setup the campaign and train the users.

SmartMPM was quickly configured to get robust, user-friendly marketing performance reports that helped the customer to easily identify their most effective channels in each market. Upon client request, Smartbridge developed the brand summary reports that make analyzing marketing efforts across multiple geographic markets feasible.

The Result

Based on the insights provided by SmartMPM reports, our customer was able make significant improvements in their campaign execution plan focusing on their most effective channels thus improving overall marketing performance.

TV Ads Get
Big Ratings

Over the past few years, traditional broadcast media has been steadily losing market share to digital media channels. Digital media offers the promise of targeted marketing and tracking of customers. These digital channels claim entire credit for customer activity on the web since broadcast media, like TV, have no way to track, measure and report the effectiveness of the ads being aired.

However, the entire broadcast industry is aware that broadcast media creates a “halo effect” on the digital media, they just can’t prove it easily. As a result, customers are making ‘gut’-based emotional decisions on how much money they spend on TV ads.

A large local station in Houston, Texas understood the need to take action to increase their customer retention and maintain market share. The station’s primary challenges were:

  • Demonstrate the relevance of TV advertising for brands that also have a significant digital presence.
  • Present data to prove that the television ads work and provide a halo-effect that drives traffic to the digital channels.
  • Establish how digital marketing campaigns such as banner ads, email, and mobile offered by media companies work alongside the TV ads for better overall campaign results.
The Solution

The sales team at the station approached SmartMPM to understand our software’s capability to help them: address their challenges, increase customer retention, and provide them a competitive edge in the market. Joint teams from the TV station and Smartbridge partnered to perform this assessment and identify potential solutions.

Smartbridge designed and enhanced SmartMPM functionality that directly addressed these challenges and strategic objectives. The functional expertise provided by the sales team at the TV station, combined with the technical expertise of the SmartMPM team, added additional dashboards to the existing solution to address the challenges of the broadcast media.

SmartMPM’s patented methods were utilized to successfully demonstrate the ‘halo’ effect of TV ads on the performance of online digital channels in an integrated marketing campaign. The new traditional performance dashboards address the challenges of the broadcast media by:

  • Establishing the direct correlation of the TV ad activity to customer activity on digital channels
  • Demonstrating the resulting lift created by TV ad campaign on these online channels
The Result

SmartMPM’s broadcast media performance reports transformed customer’s TV ad buying decision process from emotion-based to information-based process. The TV station’s sales team utilized the information and reports provided by SmartMPM to successfully retain their biggest advertiser that was at risk of shifting their ad budget to digital channels. They have integrated SmartMPM into their customer management process going-forward.

Our advertising customers increasingly need to know the impact of TV spend on their online performance, and overall ROI. SmartMPM lets us convey this information, in real time intuitive dashboard reports, and we have been able to extend a number of our best advertisers as a result. I would recommend SmartMPM for any TV station that wants to prove the value of TV to their advertising clients.”

– Digital Media Manager at Houston TV station