SmartMPM Stands For Results

The “MPM” actually stands for Marketing Performance Measurement, and successful campaigns are the outcome. Delivering an affordable tool for agencies and organizations to optimize integrated marketing is what gets us up in the morning.

The people behind SmartMPM have gained systems integration expertise while working on complex data sets for years. In other words, this analytics software can handle large volumes of data efficiently, for effective filtering and visualizations. Directors, developers and designers work side-by-side to produce and maintain elegant, easy-to-use dashboards populated by accurate and quality data.

Get to know the SmartMPM team a bit more by meeting our parent company, Smartbridge.

SmartMPM is Powered by Smartbridge LLC

SmartMPM was created and currently powered by Smartbridge LLC, a full-service technology consulting firm in Houston, Texas.

Smartbridge stays on top of leading edge technological advancements and innovations that can help our clients succeed. We are continuously updating our capabilities so disruptive innovations become opportunities for our clients. Smartbridge combines marketing knowledge and technology skills to enable enterprise solutions that help you monitor, measure and manage successful marketing campaigns.

Smartbridge’s expertise is in Restaurant Technologies, Enterprise Systems, Enterprise Information Management and Emerging Technology.

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